What's a starter deck?

This will give you a deck with
all the required cards (54) and
a play sheet so you can immediately start
playing the Digimon Card Game!
An index is also included,
allowing even beginners to start playing!

Introducing 5 must-see points!

Tamers and Digimon from Digimon LIBERATOR are included!

What's Digimon LIBERATOR?

A web manga depicting the near-future
immersive game "Digimon LIBERATOR,"
scheduled to start on April 25th!

In this story,
the boy Shoto Kazama
and his childhood friend Arisa Kinosaki
encounter various Digimon
and do battle along
the path of their destiny...

  • ST-18
  • ST-19

The debut of new powerful effects!

  • ST-18
  • ST-19



Guardian Vortex includes
the new <Vortex> effect.
It allows you to attack an opponent's
Digimon at the end of your turn.
This effect also allows for attacking
the same turn a Digimon comes into play!



Fable Waltz includes
the new <Overclock> effect.
By deleting 1 of your Tokens or
[Puppet] trait Digimon,
you can attack at the end of
your turn without suspending!

Get major game advantages with these 2 powerful effects!

Training cards have been reprinted with new Digimon LIBERATOR-themed designs!

What are Training cards?

These powerful Option cards can do
things like add
1 certain color card to
your hand from the top 2 cards revealed
from your deck or digivolve 1 of
your Digimon
with the digivolution
cost reduced by 2!

  • ST-18
  • ST-19
Each of the 6 colors has their own cards, so all players can build your own unique decks!

Here are some deck recipes you can use!


    Key Cards



    The Digimon card debut of the wind hero Zephyrgamon.
    The new <Vortex> keyword effect allows you to attack an opponent's Digimon at the end of your turn. This Digimon can also use this effect to attack the turn it's played.
    Its powerful All Turns effect also gives this Digimon extra defense and a DP increase when a Digimon unsuspends.
    Take advantage of its When Digivolving effect to unsuspend a Digimon!

    Shoto Kazama

    Shoto Kazama, the main character of Digimon LIBERATOR manga, arrives.
    This card has a Start of Your Turn effect that sets the memory to 3, giving you a major advantage.
    Plus, when you combine its Your Turn effect with the new <Vortex> keyword effect, you can make it look like you're about to attack an opponent's Digimon, then switch the attack target to an other Digimon or the opponent player. Use this to gain the upper hand in your strategies!

    Additional recommended card



    Its On Play effect can suspend an opponent's Digimon, giving Pteromon excellent affinity with the new <Vortex> keyword effect.
    The inherited effect gives you extra DP for battles using this deck!

    Deck strategy

    This deck is specialized for battles against opponent Digimon!
    Start out the game by digivolving Digimon from your breeding area and watching your opponent's moves.
    Fill up your battle area with Tamer cards, Option cards, and Digimon with On Play effects so you'll have a tactical advantage over your opponent. Start a battle once your opponent plays a Digimon into the battle area.
    Thanks to green decks' suspending effects, you can keep suspending your opponent's Digimon while attacking.
    Make good use of [ST18-10 GranGalemon]'s inherited effect and the <Vortex> keyword effect to give yourself the upper hand in battles against opponent Digimon.
    In the final turns, make use [ST18-12 Zephyrgamon]'s strong powerup effect and the highly effective support effects on bird/avian Digimon. Show your opponent the power of the Vortex Warriors!

    Recommended deck composition

    Card No.Card NameQuantity
    ST18-01 Fluffymon 4
    Card No.Card NameQuantity
    ST18-02 Biyomon 2
    ST18-03 Falcomon 2
    ST18-04 Pteromon 4
    ST18-05 Muchomon 4
    ST18-06 Kiwimon 4
    ST18-07 Kokatorimon 2
    ST18-08 Galemon 4
    ST18-09 Deramon 2
    ST18-10 GrandGalemon 4
    ST18-11 Parrotmon 2
    ST18-12 Zephagamon 4
    ST18-13 Eaglemon 3
    Card No.Card NameQuantity
    ST18-14 Shoto Kazama 4
    Card No.Card NameQuantity
    ST18-15 Anemoi Embrace 3
    P-038 Green Memory Boost! 4
    P-106 Agility Training 2


    Key Cards



    The puppet Digimon Sandreamon makes its debut as a Digimon card.
    If you delete a Token or the specified Digimon at the end of your turn, you can use the new <Overclock> keyword effect to attack the opponent player without suspending.
    With the help of this effect, this card can attack both while unsuspended or suspended.
    Its When Digivolving effect can also play 2 [Familiar] Tokens, making it a great choice to use with <Overclock>!

    Arisa Kinosaki

    Arisa Kinosaki, childhood friend of Digimon LIBERATOR's Shoto Kazama, arrives with her own card.
    She has an offensive Your Turn effect that can give your Token or [Puppet] trait Digimon <Rush> if it was played by an effect.
    If you effectively use this card in combination with the new <Overclock> keyword effect, you'll be able to attack significantly more often with your Digimon!

    Additional recommended card



    Since they have many card-playing effects and On Play effects that will give an opponent's Digimon <Security A. -1>, Puppet decks are a great match for this effect.
    You can use this card's inherited effect to reduce the DP of your opponent's Digimon, giving you greater support for <Overclock>!

    Deck strategy

    This deck specializes in playing Tokens and Puppet Digimon, then using these Digimon to attack a player.
    In the opening turns, digivolve your Digimon from the breeding area and try to play a [ST19-14 Arisa Kinosaki] Tamer card.
    Get your Tokens and Puppet Digimon onto the field, then devise strategies using <Overclock> and [ST19-14 Arisa Kinosaki]'s effect to give <Rush> to your Digimon, then launch a full offensive on the opponent player.
    After you have [Familiar] Tokens on the field and can use [ST19-12 Sandreamon]'s offensive and defensive effects, unleash an attack barrage and bring down the curtain of victory!

    Recommended deck composition

    Card No.Card NameQuantity
    ST19-01 Kyaromon 4
    Card No.Card NameQuantity
    ST19-02 Junkmon 4
    ST19-03 Shoemon 4
    ST19-04 PawnChessmon 2
    ST19-05 PawnChessmon 2
    ST19-06 Doggymon 2
    ST19-07 Tobucatmon 4
    ST19-08 ShoeShoemon 4
    ST19-09 Pandamon 2
    ST19-10 ExTyrannomon 2
    ST19-11 Chaperomon 4
    ST19-12 Cendrillmon 4
    ST19-13 ShinMonzaemon 3
    Card No.Card NameQuantity
    ST19-14 Arisa Kinosaki 4
    Card No.Card NameQuantity
    ST19-15 Noble Family Arts 3
    P-037 Yellow Memory Boost! 4
    P-105 Physical Training 2

Extra booster packs that have great affinity with starter decks will be released on May 31st!


Many Tamers and Digimon from
Digimon LIBERATOR will be included!
Details are coming soon!
Don't miss the latest updates!


Release date

April 26, 2024


1650 yen(tax included)


  • ・Start Deck (1 set of 54 cards)
  • ・1 Play sheet
  • ・3 Indexes
  • ・6 types of bonus cards


  • ・Common: 5 types
  • ・Uncommon: 5 types
  • ・Rare: 3 types
  • ・Super Rare: 3 types
  • ・Bonus Cards: 6 types
  • *This product is a pre-built deck and the contents are the same for all boxes.
  • *This product contains multiple identical cards because of the characteristics of the product.
  • *Prices are manufacturer's suggested retail price.