! Be Sure to Read This
<Requests for those Participating in Tournaments>

We ask that tournament participants comply with the following guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections.

  • •Please check with the host store ahead of time to find out whether official tournaments are being held or not.
  • •Please take the proper sanitation measures (wearing a mask, washing hands before and after the event, disinfecting, etc.) when attending an official tournament.
  • •Please take your temperature at home before going to an event. We ask that you refrain from attending if you have a cough, other cold symptoms, or a fever of over 37.5℃.
  • •Please refrain from: shaking hands with your opponent prior to the match, touching cards in the opponent’s field, spectating in large groups or at a close proximity, and any other close contact with others in attendance.
  • •Please follow any instructions given by the store hosting the event.

We ask that you contact the host store directly for inquiries concerning event details.

Please be aware that in light of the current COVID-19 situation, events may be canceled to ensure the safety of our visitors and all other participants.
We understand that these circumstances may be inconvenient for our visitors and participants, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation in these matters.