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MetalGarurumon roars into action as an ACE! MetalGarurumon roars into action as an ACE!

The deck includes tons of other great support cards! The deck includes tons of other great support cards!

    War Dragon of Courage Deck
    • Key Cards
      • CARD
        ST16-012MetalGarurumon ACE
        This MetalGarurumon is a new type of Digimon Card ―Digimon ACE―and has a new mechanic called Blast Digivolve! Despite being a Lv.6 Mega, it has a hyper-efficient play cost of 6, making it easy to get into play. When this Digimon digivolves, you can trash up to 3 cards from hand to gain 1 memory for each card trashed! Use this in tandem with Blast Digivolve to move the memory gauge to your side during your opponent’s turn, disrupting their plans or forcing your opponent to end their turn when they least expect it.
      • CARD
        ST16-014Matt Ishida
        This solid 4-cost tamer has an effect that sets your memory to 3 if you have 2 or fewer memory at the start of your turn. It also has an effect that gains you 1 memory whenever one of your effects trashes a card in your hand―something you’ll be doing quite often with the cards in this deck. You can activate this effect during all turns, so combine it with [ST16-012 MetalGarurumon ACE]’s Blast Digivolve and On Digivolve effects to gain extra memory and further limit your opponent’s options!
    • These cards make great additions!
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        BT6-108Underworld’s Call
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    • 参考デッキレシピ
    • Digi-Egg
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      ST16-001 Tsunomon 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      ST16-002 Elecmon 4
      ST16-003 Gabumon 2
      ST16-004 Tapirmon 4
      ST16-005 Gotsumon 4
      ST16-006 Bakemon 4
      ST16-007 Meramon 4
      ST16-008 Garurumon 2
      ST16-009 Pumpkinmon 4
      ST16-010 Mammothmon 4
      ST16-011 WereGarurumon 2
      ST16-012 MetalGarurumon ACE 2
      ST16-013 SkullMammothmon 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      ST16-014 Matt Ishida 4
      Card No.Card NameQuantity
      ST16-015 Lament of Friendship 2
      ST16-016 Baldy Blow 4
    • デッキの回し方
    • In the early game, use [ST16-002 Elecmon]’s draw and discard effect, play [ST16-014 Matt Ishida], then use [ST16-011 WereGarurumon]’s unsuspend effect to attack multiple times and chip away at your opponent’s security cards! When your opponent’s Digimon attacks, Blast Digivolve a Lv.5 Digimon in your battle area into [ST16-012 MetalGarurumon ACE]. You can gain up to 3 memory when you digivolve this way, potentially ending your opponent’s turn on the spot. Even if you digivolve [ST16-012 MetalGarurumon ACE] during your turn, you can use its When Digivolving effect to effectively reduce the cost to zero and go on the offensive immediately. [ST16-008 Garurumon]’s security effect can play Matt Ishida and Gabumon cards from your hand and trash for free, but it’s up to you to choose which card best suits the current situation. In the end game, use [ST16-012 MetalGarurumon ACE]’s removal effect to clear the way and dominate the battle area!

Includes Gabumon and Matt Ishida from Digimon Adventure!! Includes Gabumon and Matt Ishida from Digimon Adventure!!

Here’s what’s in the set! Here’s what’s in the set!