Digimon Card Game Online Ranked Level-up Battle

This event has ended.

Will be held on

August 29th,2021 13:00~19:00(GMT+8)

Online Battle event with physical card!
The level changes according to the number of wins, This is an event where you can play against people of the same level.

  • *Application in advance is required.
  • *BANDAI NAMCO ID is required.
  • *Admission may be restricted during busy hours.

Application is available from 20th August,2021 17:00 (GMT+8) to 28th August,2021 17:00 (GMT+8)

  • *Application for event original goods is only available after the application above is completed.


Prize change according to the level!
Let's aim for 6 wins by repeating the battle!

Additional prize will be presented to 150 players by lottery
who answer a questionnaire from “Opinion Box” at play room!

Tamer's workshop August 2021 Participation Prize
P-057 Tyrannomon

  • *Prize will be sent after late September.
  • *Winners will receive the prize without prior announcement.

Online Level-up Matching Battle original goods


Those who have not reached the purchase limit at ‘Digimon Card Game Grand Tamer Exchange Online’ held on 21st July (Wed) are eligible for an order.
Please forgive us that the goods is unavailable at this event if have already purchased 8 sets last time.
Ex: Ordered 3 sets last time→5 sets are available this time

Digimon Card Game Memorial Collection 03
Maker Suggested Price
For Singapore:1540JPY(tax included)
  • *a limit of 8 sets per customer.
  • *Goods will be sent after late November.
  • *For the purchase of goods in the event, application in advance is required.
  • *Application is available from August 20th,2021 17:00(GMT+8) to August 28th,2021 17:00(GMT+8)
  • *Goods are planned to be distributed in other event.
  • *Goods only be sold on the day.
    Please purchase until the end of the event.
  • *Purchase methods differ in each country.
  • ■Smartphone and BANDAI NAMCO ID is required.Click here for apply BANDAI NAMCO ID.
  • ■Prize for questionnaire will be sent to the address that be registered in BANDAI NAMCO ID.
    So please update to the latest information.
  • ■Players will enter the rooms and battle with players in Asia area.
  • ■Please access to “BANDAI TCG ONLINE LOBBY” to join the battle.
    Please check service of terms of “BANDAI TCG ONLINE LOBBY” in advance.
  • ■Admission may be restricted during busy hours.
Tournament Format
  • •Opponent will be selected by matching.
    Or event staff support the battle.
  • •Please prepare deck by Oneself.

Rules/Important Matters

Tournaments will use the rules found on the official website!
Be sure to read the rules and FAQ before attending!!