DC-1 Grand Prix

This event has ended.


Apology Notice

Updated on 2022.04.08

On this DC-1 GP page, there was a misrepresentation of the prize images of Preliminary (TOP 2 of each area) and Area Final (TOP 1 of each area).

The correct information is as follows.

  • ・Preliminary (TOP 2 of each area): Veedramon
  • ・Area Final (TOP 1 of each area): AeroVeedramon

We sincerely apologize for any confusion caused.

The first big scale official event of
Digimon Card Game is coming up!

About Event

This is a official event where we decide the winner of the area with online battle. Big Scale Event is called DC-1 Grand Prix! Special event limited item and special prizes are waiting for you!

Schedule for preliminary
  • Event date: 2022/03/19
  • Registration: 10.00 - 14.00
  • Tournament starts: 14.30
  • Venue: Always One Plaza 4th Floor 921 Maha Chai Rd, Wang Burapha Phirom, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200
  • Capacity: 128 seats
  • Event dates: 2022/03/19 – 2022/03/27
  • *Please click to the shop list below for details
  • Event dates:2022/03/19 – 2022/03/27
  • *Please click to the shop list below for details
As a result of first discussion on the health and safety of customers and other related parties, it is difficult to hold DC1-GP in some areas. The area listed below has postponed.
Postponed Philippines
Postponed Indonesia

Schedule for area final
Coming soon!

Tournament Group & Prize

Group 1
Malaysia & Thailand

Malaysia & Thailand

Group 2
Taiwan & Singapore

Taiwan & Singapore

For Group 1 and 2

Schedule for group final
Coming soon!

If you wish to participate, please read the precautions below in advance

There is a chance of canceling due to the safety of players from COVID-19.

Request when participating
  • ■Players must wear a mask.
  • ■Please disinfect of hands.
  • ■Please take your temperature at home, if there are any flu symptoms or having a fever of above 37.5°C, please do not join in the event.
  • ■Please keep distance between players.
  • ■Please follow the instructions from the shop owners.

The health and well-being of our gaming community, including players, judges, store owners and organizers, is of paramount importance to us. The DC1-GP Tournament series is being designed with the safety of the community in mind. Extensive discussions with event organizers and careful review of the advice provided by national health authorities has guided our planning for this series. Organized play support will continue with exciting events in stores as smaller qualifying event when it is safe and legal to do so. Stores may elect to run events online or in person, provided that is permitted within your country, state or region. While stores are independent of Bandai, organizers of store events should act in the best interest of their community and be mindful of the safety of players. As such, the local laws or worsening covid-19 situation may lead to cancellation at the very last minute. We seek your understanding for this matter.

We appreciate your understandings.

How to participate

DC-1GP Set purchase from the shop is required for entry to the tournament

Precautions for the purchase

  • ■Method of participation differs in each area.
  • ■1 set for 1 player.
  • ■1 participation ticket for 1 player
  • ■You can receive the kit at the card shop on the day of the event.

Contents of DC-1GP Set

  • ●DC-1 GP Participation Ticket
  • ●DC-1 GP Original Play Mat
  • ●DC-1 GP Original Sleeve 50pcs
  • ●DC-1 GP Veemon with the logo of DC-1 GP 4pcs
  • ●DC-1 GP The Ray of Victory with the logo of DC-1 GP 4pcs

Suggested Price of DC-1GP Set

  • ■Singapore: 79.90 SGD
  • ■Malaysia: 259 MYR
  • ■Philippines: 2,999 PHP
  • ■Indonesia: 899,000 IDR
  • ■Thailand: 1,800 THB

Event Limited Item

DC-1 GP Set ‘Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode’ is available at shops

  • *1 Set for 1 player
  • *The sale will end when all stocks has been sold

Contents of DC-1GP Set ‘Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode’

  • ● ‘Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode’ Sleeve 50pcs
  • ● ‘Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode’ l Play Mat

Suggested Price of DC-1 GP Special Set

  • ■Singapore: 49.90 SGD
  • ■Malaysia: 159 MYR
  • ■Philippines: 1,899 PHP
  • ■Indonesia: 549,000 IDR
  • ■Thailand: 1400 THB