[January 2023]

This event has ended.

What is Madanhai?

Madanhai is the shop event
Open to “Purple Deck” only!

  • *Multicolor from purple is available.
  • *Color other than purple and multicolor that do not include purple cannot be used.
  • *Same for Digi-Egg, Tamer and Option.
  • *If a participant's deck is found to be out of compliance with the rules, will be declared out of the tournament on the spot and no participation prize, winner prize or random prize will be awarded.

Example of available cards

Example of available cards

Example of unusable cards

Example of unusable cards


  • Event Dates
    From January 14, 2023~
  • Age Restriction
    Open to all
  • Fee
    Check with host stores
  • Tournament Format
    ・Decide 1 winner in this event.
    ・The host store will decide opponent pairings
    ・The maximum number of participants is expected to be 16 per tournament.
    • *Tournament capacity is subject to further restrictions by the host store to ensure adequate social distancing.


  • *The method of handing out random prize may vary from store to store.

Rules / Important Matters

Tournaments will use the
rules found on the official website!
Be sure to read the rules and FAQ before attending!!

  • *Please note that restrictions have been placed on tournament start times. Tournaments can begin no later than 10 PM.
  • *If the are any questions regarding the rules or whether something is legal during a battle, please raise your hand immediately and ask for a ruling from one of the store’s staff members. We ask that you respect the decisions made by the staff.
  • *We ask that you make efforts to ensure gameplay goes as smooth as possible.
  • *If your opponent is taking an unreasonable amount of time, please call a staff member.
  • *Frequent long waits may be considered a delay of game even if they do not exceed 2 minutes.
  • *Use of non-regulation or copied cards is not allowed.