Digimon Card Game Super! Tamer Battle

This event has ended.

Digimon Card Game official event will be held!

Domestic Round and Final Round will be held!

The top 2 winners of the Domestic Round
will advance to the Final Round,
And the top 2 of the Final Round win the seed rights
to the Championship 2022 Area Final!


  • Event Dates
    September 24, 2022 – October 23, 2022
  • Fee
    Check with host
    • *The event may be postponed or cancelled. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
    • *The event may be change without prior announcement.


Top 2 from Final Round

Limited playmat

Limited playmat
  • *Images may differ from final product.

The exemption ticket to championship 2022
Area Final

Top3 ~ Top8 from Final Round

Limited playmat

Limited playmat
  • *Images may differ from final product.

Original goods

Half Storage Box

Half Storage Box
card 24pcs(6types×4pcs)

card 24pcs(6types×4pcs)
  • Name
    Super! Tamer Battle 2022(Darkdramon)
  • Maker Suggested Price
    3500JPY(tax included)
    • *Purchase limit: 4pcs/person
  • *Goods are planned to be distributed in other event.
  • *Goods only be sold on the day.

Rules / Important Matters

Tournaments will use the
rules found on the official website!
Be sure to read the rules and FAQ before attending!!

  • *Please note that restrictions have been placed on tournament start times. Tournaments can begin no later than 10 PM.
  • *If the are any questions regarding the rules or whether something is legal during a battle, please raise your hand immediately and ask for a ruling from one of the store’s staff members. We ask that you respect the decisions made by the staff.
  • *We ask that you make efforts to ensure gameplay goes as smooth as possible.
  • *If your opponent is taking an unreasonable amount of time, please call a staff member.
  • *Frequent long waits may be considered a delay of game even if they do not exceed 2 minutes.
  • *Use of non-regulation or copied cards is not allowed.