Brand-new Shop Event
“Tamer Battle EX” is coming!

Brand-new Shop Event “Tamer Battle EX” is coming!

“Tamer’s workshop” will be updated to
Tamer Battle EX”,
and it will start from August 2023!

*Tamer’s workshop will be discontinued from 8th August 2023.

Events are held with modified rules!
The modified rules will be changed regularly.

All participants will receive Participation Prize,
and winners will obtain Winner Prize!

In addition, all participants whether win or lose, have a second chance to get the Winner Prize randomly!

Enjoy battles and obtain the limited prizes at Tamer Battle EX!!

Click here for information of
“Tamer Battle EX”

Shop Event List

Lively battle event!

  • Level: Beginner ~ Medium
    Shop Event following the usual rules!
    Have fun in the 1on1 battle!

Battle to improve with friends!

  • Level: Medium
    Battle following rules different from usual!
    Improve each other by battles with your friends!

Hot and advanced battle!

  • Level: Medium ~ Advanced
    Players with higher level gather here!
    Immerse yourself in hot battle with them!

Let’s join the event and battle with other Tamers!